How does someone license VGM or license the ability to cover a song for use on an album? (in the United States)

– In short, you need what’s called a mechanical license for the music. If the song has appeared on an album that was sold in the US you don’t legally need permission from the song’s writer to record it… That being said, if the song was written by an independent artist or someone you could theoretically approach (aka, -NOT- music from a giant video game company like Square-Enix) it’s probably a good idea to get permission from a moral standpoint but it’s not required in the legal sense. Also, mimicry is said to be the highest form of flattery and the artist might let you license the song for free…

To acquire a mechanical license we recommend working with a company called Easy Song Licensing because (like the name implies) they’re the easiest to work with.
They charge a small one time fee to locate who owns the rights to the music and from there you spend about 9 cents per song you cover, multiplied by the number of albums you print/sell.

If you’ve already released a cover album it’s better to go back and pay retroactively than to not license the music at all, and again the guys at EasySongLicensing.com are actual humans who can answer any additional questions you have in a phone call or email.

They will take care of all your licensing stuff, completely and utterly.
They are humans you can call on a phone and will answer questions.
Also, tell them “Random Encounter, the video game rock band sent us!” ;]

How long does it take them usually to find who the publisher is?

– About 48 hours.

Does Random Encounter make sheet music for their original songs?

– No, but we’re happy to give people MIDI’s and chord progressions if they’re really interested.

Big Blue!

– That is not a question.

What’s up with people yelling “Big Blue” at your shows?

– Well, it’s a pretty good song. Right…? For some reason everyone likes to shout this at our shows, when they see us, and when we’re at work, the doctor’s office, doing charity work, trying to record.

How does someone learn how to play accordion?

– Like any instrument it’s best to search for someone local to teach you how to play the accordion. You can generally find someone online or through a newspaper (accordionists are generally older folks who still read and advertise in those).

Where can I purchase an accordion? (or get one repaired)

– As the process of purchasing an accordion is a lot like finding the right wand at Ollivander’s, we highly recommend visiting a professional accordion shop.

Here are Careless’ favorites:
– “Accordions and Keyboards” in Clearwater, FL (http://www.accordionsandkeyboards.net/)
– “Accordion-O-Rama” in New Jersey (http://www.accordion-o-rama.com/)

Hi, I love ____ Con (a convention or festival) and want to see you guys there… How do I make this happen?

– Thanks! You should contact the owners or guest relations person(s) at this convention by email, facebook, or online forum and tell them. The more people that ask for us, the more likely we are to play a convention or festival.

Why does your drummer not wear pants?

– No one knows… Please help us.

How long have you been playing your respective instruments?

– Rook has been seriously playing bass for over 4 years.
– Moose has been seriously playing drums for over 4 years.
– Konami started mimicking Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer songs on guitar 17 years ago. You’d think he’d be better at it by now.”
– Kit began tickling guitar strings 10 years ago.
– Careless has been playing accordion for over 11 years.

Who does your album artwork?

– Rook does the vast majority of our artwork, including: -72 Hours in the Ocean With Your Mother-, Dead Labs, LET ME TELL YOU A STORY, and our tee shirt art!
– Dennis Hansbury did the album artwork for Unavenged.
– Adam “One” Cartwright, Random Encounter’s drummer from 2005-2010 did the artwork for Random Encounter (self titled) and designed our logo in 2006.

Why do you use nicknames?

– Yes.

Do any of the bandmembers have other artistic/musical projects?

– Kit is known to perform chip-rock with his friends Under Polaris fairly regularly.
Check them out here: Under Polaris

– Konami used to be in a classically inspired video game band called Select Start. Once every three years, when the stars align and the world is about to come to an end these musicians assemble, jam out, save the world, and go back to their daily lives.
Check them out here: Select Start

– Careless and his friend from Utah sometimes record video game music under the name Careless Juja.
Check them out here: Careless Juja

– Rook regularly works on visual art as well as music.

– Moose secretly trains to be a lumberjack, an art form in its own right.